Brooklyn CSA

We at Fishkill Farms have made the very difficult decision to pause our Brooklyn CSA Program for the 2023 season. In an effort to maintain sustainability and improve crop success, we have made the calculated decision to refine our crop varieties and practices this season and grow fewer vegetables.

We do not underestimate the significance of having direct and consistent access to clean, organic food sources while living in an urban environment. We will be present at the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket on Sundays from 8 am-2 pm and invite you to visit us there.

We will continue to offer our CSA pickup at our Farm in Hopewell Junction, NY.

Not looking for Brooklyn?


CSA members make an upfront payment and in return, reap a weekly supply of the best of what’s in season, sharing in the rewards as well as the risks of farming. Each week presents a different selection of fruits and vegetables, and each season certain crops thrive while others are limited. Share items will mostly be from our farm, but some will be sourced from Certified Organic local farms such as MX MorningStar farms to help enrich the share. As a CSA member, the unique variety in your weekly share will allow you to cook creatively with new ingredients, get the first pick of most crops and become an integral part of Fishkill Farms’ community.

Eating seasonally: Generally, harvests in June will be lighter while those in August and September will be significantly larger. On average, the volume of produce members receive through our CSA is 30% greater than if shopping at our farmer’s markets or store. Through a Fishkill Farms CSA share you will get the opportunity to eat the freshest, highest-quality local food—grown and harvested with the utmost care.

A glimpse of what we grow: We plan to give you a variety of organically grown vegetables and berries, as well as a wide assortment of apples, pears, cherries and peaches from our orchard. From sugar-sweet organic strawberries and snap peas in the spring, plump and juicy tomatoes, peaches and nectarines in the summer and finally a myriad of crispy crunchy heirloom apples, hardy winter squash in the fall–you'll be eating the very best our farm has to offer.

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