How It Works

Our CSA is a unique way to buy local, seasonal produce directly from Fishkill Farms. As a member, you will invest in a “share” of the farm’s production, and reap a weekly supply of the best seasonal produce throughout the year.


Signups for 2023 are open now.  Shop Shares

CSA members make an upfront payment and in return, reap a weekly supply of the best of what’s in season, sharing in the rewards as well as the risks of farming. Each week presents a different selection of fruits and vegetables from our farm and sometimes from local certified organic farms to help enrich the share. As a CSA member with Fishkill Farms, members have the unique opportunity to deepen their connection to the food they consume, learn firsthand the realities of organic agriculture in an ever-evolving climate, and perhaps best of all, engage directly with their food sources through Pick-Your-Own. Our highly interactive program will leave you feeling like an integral part of the Fishkill Farms community.

Pick-Your-Own: In addition to your pre-picked share, a portion of your CSA share will be pick-your-own, meaning you will harvest some crops from the fields and trees yourself. Pick-your-own involves mostly fruit with herbs and vegetables on occasion. For some smaller crops such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, hot peppers and peas, PYO will likely be the only way to receive these items in your share as they will not be in the pre-picked portion of your share.

Eat Seasonally:
Through a Fishkill Farms CSA share you will get the opportunity to eat the freshest, highest-quality local food—grown and harvested with the utmost care. Generally, harvests in June will be lighter while those in August and September will be significantly larger. On average, the volume of produce members receive through our CSA is 30% greater than if shopping at our farmer’s markets or store.

A Glimpse of What We Grow: We plan to provide a variety of certified organic vegetables (and occasionally certified organic berries) as well as a wide assortment of eco-certified apples, pears, cherries and peaches from our orchard. From sugar-sweet organic strawberries and snap peas in the spring, plump and juicy tomatoes, peaches and nectarines in the summer and finally a myriad of crispy crunchy heirloom apples, hardy winter squash in the fall–you’ll be eating the very best our farm has to offer.

2023 Program Dates:

23 weeks total beginning June 2nd & 3rd continuing through November 3rd & 4th.

Location & Times:

Fishkill Farms, Hopewell Junction, NY: Fridays from 3-7 pm & Saturdays from 8 am-2 pm at our brown barn.

Share Sizes:

Full Share: a selection of seasons of fruit and vegetables that should satisfy most produce needs for a family of four.
Small Share: a selection of seasons of fruit and vegetables—perfect for couples or individuals with a passion for cooking.

Example Fruit and Vegetable Shares

Added Membership Benefits:

  • Each member is provided with a CSA discount that allows a 10% discount on all farm store products, grill items, and pick-your-own reservations, and pick-your-own add-ons (when available).
  • CSA members receive a weekly newsletter with updates from the farm and recipes to try with your weekly share.


Fruit & Vegetable Winter CSA shares for 2022/2023 are closed.

Our Winter CSA runs for 12 weeks, starting on Saturday, December 10th, 2022 and ending on Saturday, February 25th, 2023.

Our members receive a diverse array of produce grown here at the farm, filling your table with delicious local fruits and vegetables into the impending colder months. Expect to see delicious winter squash, onions, tender greenhouse greens, crisp apples, hardy kale, fresh-pressed cider, and many more wholesome winter items.  Share items will mostly be from our farm, but some will be sourced from Certified Organic local farms to help enrich the share.

In addition to our Fruit & Veggie Share, we also offer many additional shares including our Fishkill Farms Organic Egg share, bread, milk, yogurt, coffee, beef, pork, chicken, venison, and trout.

Pick-up Times & Locations:

Your share will be available for pickup at our Farm Store in Hopewell Junction on Saturdays from 9 am – 3 pm. Pickup on December 24th and 31st will be shifted. The first pickup is Saturday, December 10th.

We do not have a winter share pickup location in Brooklyn. For those in Brooklyn, we encourage you to visit us at the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket all winter long.

If you cannot make a pickup, you can always have a friend or neighbor come to pick up your share for you. All we ask is that you email us at so we know to expect them. If the weather is dangerous we will move the CSA distribution times and alert members via email.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the freshness of your share if picked up late.

Example Winter CSA Share:

  • 1 Half-Peck of Apples
  • 1 Bunch of Kale
  • 1 Winter Squash
  • 1 Diakon Radish
  • 2 Pounds of Potatoes
  • 1 half-gallon of fresh cider

Added Membership Benefits:

  • Each member is provided with a CSA discount of 10% off on all farm store products.
  • CSA members receive a weekly newsletter with updates from the farm and recipes to try with your weekly share.
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