Treasury Cider

After over 100 years of growing apples….

Fishkill Farms is proud to produce a tree-to-bottle brand of hard cider, Treasury Cider.

A mix of our heirloom, bittersweet and dessert apples are cultivated, pressed and fermented with care to produce each batch. Every ingredient is grown or wild foraged on the farm, which allows us to create refined, high-quality cider akin to dry or sparkling white wine.

Treasury is an homage to our farm’s founder, Henry Morgenthau Jr., who, after a career in farming and conservation, served as Secretary of the Treasury under FDR. It’s also a nod to the historic American cider cellar which, like a treasury, provided a year-round source of comfort and vitality for families and communities across the land.

Visit our Treasury Cider Bar page to view tasting hours.

Visit the Treasury Cider website to learn more.

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