Ecological Farming

We’re proud to say that all of our vegetables, berries and farm fresh eggs are certified organic, as well as one third of our orchard. In fact, we’re one of the few farms to grow organic berries and apples for pick-your-own in the whole state! The remainder of our apples, stone fruit and pears are grown with an ecological approach, and certified Eco Apple by Red Tomato. It’s an approach that’s close to organic and combines the best of modern farming and traditional techniques.

A whole lot of care and attention goes into growing our produce this way.

From hanging pheromone ties to keep pests in our orchards at bay, to wood-chip mulching, or fine powdered clay which camouflages our fruit from insect pests, ecological farming is much more labor intensive. In the end, the rewards of protecting our eco-system and the (literal) fruits of this labor far outweigh the costs. Our farm is healthier, we use fewer fossil fuels, and we think the produce tastes better too!

The philosophy that guides how we farm across all our crops is a commitment to ecological farming. This means balancing the needs of your crop with the health of the entire farm ecosystem, and always working to promote a balance between the two.

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