Member’s Choice CSA FAQ’s

Answers to your Member’s Choice CSA Questions


What can I use my Member’s Choice CSA card on?

Anything that is sold on the farm or at our tent in the farmer’s market. This includes items that aren’t produced at Fishkill Farms.

  • Fresh quart of strawberries from our farmer’s market tent?–Sure thing.
  • Local cheese in the farm store?–Absolutely.
  • A glass of cider from the treasury cider bar?-Please do!
  • A dozen donuts from our donut window in the fall-Certainly.
  • This list goes on!


When can I visit the farm?

You can visit us any time during our open farm store hours. Please see our Contact Page for store hour updates.

  • For the best selection of pre-picked produce in our store, Friday afternoon is a great time to come since we do most of our harvesting on Thursday and Friday morning. 
  • For the best selection of pick-your-own berries, weekdays are typically when we have the most add-ons available. Check the pick-your-own page of our website for up-to-date information on what is in season.
  • Just because our farm store is open, doesn’t mean our orchard is open. Give us a call at 845-897-4377  before your visit to make sure our orchard is open or book a reservation.


How can I check my balance on my Member’s Choice CSA e-card?

Check your card balance from your Square profile 


Enter your 16-digit card number here and select “My gift card does not have a pin”

For privacy purposes, we cannot look up your balance on our registers.


How will I receive my Member’s Choice CSA Card?

After purchasing your “share size”, we will create a custom e-gift card for you to use all season long. We will send this e-gift card to you via the email you provide us with. Please save this email with your e-gift card as it has your barcode and 16-digit code attached to it. For easy checkout, we will need to scan the barcode to redeem it. 

The e-gift card can be saved to your Apple wallet–we recommend doing this if applicable.


Can I purchase my Member’s Choice CSA Card and use it the same day?

We cannot always issue your Member’s Choice CSA e-card on the day you purchase it, so please plan ahead and purchase your card ahead of time.


When is the last day to sign up for the 2024 season?

The last day to join our Member’s Choice CSA is on Sunday, June 30th, 2024.


Can I reload my Member’s Choice CSA Card if I use all of my funds?

Yes, please email us at if you’d like to reload your card and we’ll assist you.


What happens if I delete the email with my e-gift card in it? Can you look me up another way?

Send us an email to and we’ll send you a new email with your e-gift card.
We can also look up your name at checkout and apply your funds at checkout. 


Ready to join our Member’s Choice CSA?



Still have questions? Please email us at for assistance.

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