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Pet Policy

Do you allow dogs or other pets?
Pet Policy updated 5/19/23: Due to the Food Safety Modernization Act, dogs and other pets are not allowed in the orchard, in pick-your-own areas, or anywhere where food is grownThis means if you make a pick-your-own reservation, you will not be able to bring your dog or pet (including those in bags or backpacks) into the picking areas and will be turned away without a refund if you attempt to do so. 

•Dogs are not allowed in our Farm Store

•Dogs are allowed in our courtyard and outside at our Treasury Cider porch. 

When dogs are on Fishkill Farms’ property, they must be kept on a leash at all times and must be cleaned up after. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your immediate removal from Fishkill Farms’ property without refund. 

Service animals protected by ADA may accompany their owners where they need to. Neither comfort nor emotional support animals are covered by the ADA regulations.


Do you require reservations for pick-your-own?
Yes. They can be made on the pick-your-own page of our website. 

How do I make a reservation?
When reservations are available, they can be made through our online scheduling program found on the Pick-Your-Own page or  Cider Bar & Grill page of our website. We do not take reservation requests over the phone, through social media or email. 

Do you charge admission?
Each PYO reservation includes admission for up to 5 people (anyone age 2 and up). An additional 2 people beyond that initial allotted group of 5 can be added on upon arrival (at check-in) for $8 per person. Children under 2 are free. Parking is free.

How far in advance can I make my reservation?
We do not take pick-your-own reservations more than a week in advance in the summer due to rapidly changing crop availability. If slots are full, please check the scheduling site again at a later time. Apple picking reservations open up in late August for September-Mid-October. Late-season reservations are added mid-October. 

What happens if it rains during my reservation?

Most pick-your-own is rain or shine, as is cider tasting. On very rare occasions, we will be forced to cancel picking due to inclement weather. Tomatoes and strawberries cannot be picked in heavy rain due to the easy spread of plant disease in wet conditions. We may also cancel if the weather on the farm becomes dangerous (thunderstorms/hail). If we do cancel, any guests with reservations will be refunded or provided with equal credit for a visit at another time. You may also choose to reschedule your appointment yourself by selecting the “reschedule” option at the bottom of your confirmation email.

In all other cases, reservations are nonrefundable.

What happens if I can no longer make my reservation/ what is your cancellation policy*?
You may reschedule your reservation (can be done same day) to a later date or time by selecting the “reschedule” option at the bottom of your confirmation email.

Alternatively, you may cancel your reservation through our scheduling program to receive a refund of 50% of what you paid.  Please note we cannot see when you cancel, only the date of the appointment that you canceled.

Pick-your-own is rain or shine with the exception of some crops that cannot be picked in the rain due to the easy spread of plant disease in wet conditions. If we are forced to cancel your reservation for any reason, you will be fully refunded or you may receive credit towards a future visit.

In all other cases, reservations are nonrefundable.

*Depending on your reservation type, there may be a different cancelation policy. Please read the cancelation policy for the reservation you are purchasing before confirming payment.

How long does it take to receive a refund?
Due to software limitations, cancellations are not automatically refunded. Please allow 3-4 business days for us to issue your refund.

Our payment processor states the following on their website: “It takes 2-7 business days to process a refund with Square. Once the refund is processed and sent to your customer’s card issuing bank, it can take another 2-7 business days (depending on the bank’s processing speeds) for the refund to post to your customer’s account. In total it can take 4-14 business days for your customer to receive their refund”.


How do I find out what crops are available for Pick-Your-Own?
The best way to see what’s available is to browse our reservation options. If you’re looking to plan ahead, check out our seasonality guide to see when your favorite fruits are expected to come into season.  We also post frequent updates on our Pick-Your-Own page or our  Facebook page. Our e-mail list is another good way to receive weekly farm and PYO updates.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

What can/can’t I pick when I visit the farm?
When visiting, you must pick the fruit you have purchased a reservation for. We ask that you follow our signage and pick from areas you are directed to. For fruits such as peaches and apples, we grow many varieties and all of them will not be ready at the same time. We ask that you pick from rows labeled as “Ripe“.  In order to prevent visitors from picking unripe produce or damaging our developing crops, we ask that you don’t venture outside the designated Pick-Your-Own areas or pick anything that’s not explicitly open for picking. Do not pick items that are listed as “Not Ripe”, that are roped off or are otherwise unmarked. 

Can I bring my own containers?
No. We will provide containers for you to pick in to. Containers brought from home will not be allowed in the orchard. 

Can I eat fruit while I am picking? No. Eating food straight from the fields or trees is a health and safety concern. Refrain from eating produce until you have taken it home and have washed it.

What if I want to pick more than one item?
If you would like to pick more than one item, the best way to guarantee to get to do so is to book a reservation for each item you would like to pick (especially for fruit items).
We are able to offer add-ons in smaller quantities (compared to reservation packages) when you arrive when we have extras available.
For example, if you make a peach reservation online this weekend, you may purchase a single pint of blueberries and/or a bag for picking mixed veggies, a quart of shishito peppers, etc. if we have the availability to do so (we almost always do for vegetables) when you arrive at the farm.

You will be handed all of your pre-paid containers at once at check-in, so we recommend booking all of your reservations for the same time (or as close to it as you can get), as long as you leave enough time to pick all of your items by closing time. We recommend budgeting about one hour per item.

Do you allow cars in the orchard?
Yes, for our Fall Harvest Season only.  We plan to start allowing cars in the orchard starting September 8th, 2023. We recommend that you only bring one car per reservation as space is limited. You must obey all orchard signage and stick to the 5mph speed limit. Upon exiting the orchard we will check your trunk before you leave–unfortunately, theft is a problem.

Can I visit the farm if I don’t want to participate in pick-your-own?
Absolutely! You may visit the Farm Store, Grill and Treasury Cider Bar during opening hours without a PYO reservation.

Farm Store, Food & Baked Goods

Do you have a farm store/what are the hours?
Yes, we have a farm store that is open year-round. Our hours change seasonally and for certain holidays. Please see our contact page for updated hours.

Do you have “cider donuts”?
Yes, we make our donuts fresh year-round.

Does your farm serve food and beverages?
Yes. Please see our Cider Bar and Grill Page for information on our food and beverage offerings. We also have plenty of beverages in our farm store coolers.

Do you ship your products?
No. Unfortunately, we cannot ship our products.

General Farm Planning

Are you providing “hayrides” or “wagon rides”?
Yes. We will offer hayrides during most pick-your-own weekends starting in July. They are included in your PYO reservation. You must have a PYO reservation or purchase Orchard Admission to access the hayride.

What should I wear/bring to the farm?
The farm is prone to high winds and temperatures can change drastically throughout the day. We highly recommend wearing layers including long sleeves, long pants and sturdy shoes/boots that you don’t mind getting dirty. Our orchards can also be wet and muddy, especially earlier in the day. Bug spray and sun protection are also good precautions.  If you have allergies or are prone to rashes, please keep in mind that some of our crops and plants growing on the farm can irritate the skin—gloves can help prevent irritation.

Do you have bathrooms and handwashing stations?
We have portable bathrooms on-site for customer use. Hand washing stations are plentiful and available in multiple locations.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash and all major credit cards at all points of sale. We do not have an ATM or offer cash-back on site.

Is there public transportation to the farm?
The closest train station to our farm is the Beacon Train Station. You can get there by taking the Metro-North Hudson Line. From Beacon, we are located about 15 minutes away by car. Local cab companies, Uber and Lyft service our area and are commonly used to reach the farm. Fishkill Farms is not affiliated with any of these ride services.

Can I bring a wagon or stroller into the orchard?
Yes, both are allowed into the orchard. They are subject to search by Fishkill Farm staff upon exiting the orchard. Unfortunately, theft is an issue.


  • Do not pick more than your reservation allows unless we have add-ons available for purchase
  • You must pay for what you pick before eating it. Plan accordingly and pick only what you intend to purchase
  • Only pick crops designated for Pick Your Own– picking unripe or unlisted crops will result in an additional fee
  • Fruit picked cannot be consumed in the field and should be washed/eaten at home
  • Picking containers will be provided—you are not allowed to bring your own container(s)
  • No large bags or coolers may be brought on the premises. ALL bags, containers, and strollers brought into Pick-Your-Own areas may be searched by staff upon exiting. Unfortunately, produce theft is a major issue.
  • Do not climb trees or shake branches
  • Do not drop, throw or waste fruit – we work hard to grow it
  • If you are sick or not feeling well, stay home
  • Pet Policy: Dogs/pets are not allowed in our orchard, anywhere where food is grown, or in our farm store. Dogs are allowed in our courtyard and at the Treasury Cider Bar. Dogs/pets must be cleaned up after and remain on a leash at all times.  Service animals protected by ADA may accompany their owners where they need to.
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