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PYO Update:

Availability for Saturday, July 20th

Eco-Certified: White & Yellow Peaches and Plums

Organic: Raspberries, Limited  Blueberries, Herbs and Flowers.

Eco-certified white nectarines, plums, apricots and cherries are available in the farm store.

Peaches & Plums are in season and are only open on weekends (Sat. & Sun.) when available. They will be re-opening at 9am on Saturday, July 20th and remain open through the weekend while supplies last.

NectarinesDonut Peaches ripen later in the summer.

Blueberries ripen in waves. We expect them to produce throughout July.

Raspberries will be open for picking most Tuesdays-Thursdays in July. They are new plantings that are not at full production this year, so availability is limited and fluctuates frequently.

Cherries are closed for PYO but sweet red varieties are available in the farm store. 

For more info, check out our PYO & Rules page & FAQ’s page.

*A note on berry availability:

Please keep in mind that berries (including strawberries) grow in waves. This means the fruit will ripen at different times as the plants continue to produce new berries. Based on weather and demand we experience on any given day, we may get temporarily picked out and have to wait a day or two for more berries to ripen up. Changes in availability can happen throughout the day, particularly on weekends. We understand this can be a bit confusing and are happy to help. Please call us before you make your trip out to the farm to check on specific fruit (or vegetable) availability.

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Coming Soon:

Peaches, Nectarines & Plums start to ripen towards the end of July and usually last through most of August.

Tomatoes & Peppers ripen in the around the beginning of August.

Click here for a full seasonality chart.


We charge a $5 admission fee for fruit and vegetable picking for adults and children over the age of 12. As we’ve continued to make the farm more sustainable, most recently achieving organic certification, admission has become critical to sustain the business and keep the farm clean, mowed, and well-maintained. On Tuesdays, general admission is free. We offer an affordable membership program for individuals and families who frequent the farm.

Fruit and vegetables are priced separately from admission. Please, you must pay for what you pick. We work hard year-round to grow our crops and hate to see it go to waste. There’s no need to bring your own containers. We provide a range of bags, baskets & boxes. Using our containers makes the weighing and checkout process easier.

Large groups of 20 or more must be booked in advance. Any buses that arrive unscheduled, will be turned away. Book a trip here!

Pick-Your-Own Hours: Our farm opens at 9am and closes at 6pm. You must arrive by 5pm to start picking. Please allot at least an hour to get out into the fields, pick crops, and come back to pay for your produce.

FAQ’s & What To Expect


1. You must pay for all fruit you pick before eating it. Plan accordingly and pick only what you intend to purchase.

2. Only pick crops designated for Pick Your Own– picking unripe or unlisted crops will result in an additional fee.

3. ALL bags and containers brought into Pick-Your-Own areas may be searched by staff upon exiting. Unfortunately, produce theft is a major issue.

4. Do not climb trees or shake branches.

5. Do not drop or waste fruit – we work hard to grow it.

6. Please help us keep our farm clean – use trash and recycling bins.

7. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

8. Do not open gates, climb fences, or touch farm machinery. Be aware that Livestock fences are electric.

9. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and picked up after. They are not allowed among fruit trees, in the pumpkin/berry patches, the vegetable garden or the farm store.


The Pick-Your-Own season kicks off in early June with strawberries and ever-so-sweet sugar snap peas. July brings sweet and sour cherries as well as our certified organic raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Late July and August mark the harvest of juicy, tree-ripened peaches and nectarines as well as an extensive variety of heirloom tomatoes and eggplants.

The season culminates in the fall with more than a dozen classic NY apples, heirloom varieties, and pumpkin-picking. The spectacular views, lovely fall weather, and the satisfaction of picking your own organic, sustainably grown fruits and vegetables combine for great family-friendly fun.

Mid-September through mid-October, we have our annual Harvest Festival Weekends, with plenty of homemade food, live music, hayrides, donuts and cider!

We’re a real, working farm and not a theme park; so we have farm animals but no petting zoo. Our passion is growing real food and sharing the joys of farming with our community.