Pick-your-own has concluded for the 2022 season. We are still open year-round offering cider tastings, baking up homemade pies and donuts and serving brunch.

Please check our contact page or google business profile for hours as they fluctuate seasonally.

Reservations are not required to visit our farm store or cider bar. Seating for brunch and cider tastings is first, come, first serve. We have indoor and outdoor seating available. For parties of 8 or more, please email treasury@fishkillfarms.com. 


Making at least one pick-your-own reservation per 1-5 guests or general orchard admission per person is required to participate in pick-your-own. If you’d like to pick more than one item, or pick items in smaller quantities, we offer “add-ons” when you arrive at the farm. Pick-your-own is concluded for the 2022 season and will resume in June 2023 (date TBD).

If you see the message “No times are available at the moment. Please check back again soon” up until the date above, it means reservations are sold out. We do not have a waitlist, but as soon as someone cancels, the spot is automatically opened back up. Cancellations do occur, so we recommend you check back occasionally for open spots

Want to pick more than one thing? Add-On to your reservation.

Add any of the following on to your pick-your-own reservation when you arrive at the farm (while supplies last)*:

Eco-Certified Apples

Pumpkins from the patch. FREE with Orchard Admission.
*This list does not guarantee we’ll be able to offer it when you arrive. The only way to guarantee availability is by making a reservation.


Early November Pick-Your-Own Map



Pick-Your-Own Hours:

Pick-your-own hours are generally 9 am-5 pm Tuesday through Sunday when in season, but are subject to reservation availability. Weather and crop availability may change these hours.  

Pet Policy: Dogs are allowed on the property but are not allowed inside the farm store or in patches or among where fruit and vegetables are grown. They must be kept on a leash at all times and cleaned up after.  Service animals protected by ADA may accompany their owners where they need to. 

FAQ’s & What To Expect



The following is a brief snapshot of some of the fruit we grow and the predicted ripening times based on previous seasons. No two seasons are the same, so please use this as a rough guide and not as a confirmed plan. Ripening times and availability are subject to change at any time due to weather and other factors out of our control. 

Eco-Certified & Organic Apples: Our summer apples begin ripening as early as mid-August and apple season continues through to about the second weekend of November with early October being the peak (when the most varieties are ready at a single time). We’ll post exact varieties and predicted ripening times closer to the date of harvest. Apples are typically available on weekdays and weekends. -In season now!

Ecologically Grown Asian Pears: We grow several varieties of Asian Pears that ripen around mid-August and last through the first or second weekend in September. Asian pear picking is typically only available on weekends for the public and open on Friday for CSA members. -In season now!

Ecologically Grown European Pears: We grow several varieties of European Pears that ripen around late August and last through September. Exact varieties will be outlined as they come into season. European pear picking is typically only available on weekends for the public and open on Friday for CSA members. -In season now!

Eco-Certified Peaches & Nectarines: We have different varieties of white and yellow peaches and nectarines ripening throughout late July through Labor Day weekend. In season now!

Organic Raspberries: They come into season mid-late June (around June 18th) depending on the weather. Red raspberries ripen first, followed by black and golden. Raspberries ripen in waves. We usually have a big flush in late June, they taper off towards the end of July and then we get another big flush in August. Raspberries are typically available on weekdays and weekends as crop availability allows. -Limited due to drought. In season now.

Organic Blackberries: Blackberries ripen towards the end of July and are usually in season until late August. Blackberries are typically available on weekdays and weekends as crop availability allows. -Almost done.

Organic Herbs: We grow different varieties of herbs like apple mint, basil, chamomile, echinacea, lavender, lemongrass, lovage, oregano, sage, summer savory, tarragon and more! Our herbs reach maturity at different times, but pick-your-own herbs are generally available between mid-June and mid-October (or first frost). -In season now!

Organic Flowers: We grow different varieties of flowers like cosmos, gomphrenas, marigolds, sun balls, yarrow, zinnias and more! Our flowers reach maturity at different times, but pick-your-own flowers are generally available between early July and mid-October (or first frost). -In season now!

Organic Tomatoes: We grow cherry, heirloom, red slicing and paste tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are the first to ripen and are ready to picking in late July. Red tomatoes and heirlooms ripen next followed by paste tomatoes which are usually ripe around the second weekend in August. Tomato typically season runs from late July through the second weekend in September if the weather allows. Tomatoes cannot be harvested in the rain or damp conditions due to easily spreadable plant disease and high risk for fruit rot. – only available in our farm store. Limited due to drought. 

PYO Tomato Guide 2022

Organic Sunflowers: We grow several different varieties of sunflowers that bloom in several successions during late August and early September. -Limited due to drought. In season now!

Pumpkins: Pumpkins come into season around mid-September and are available in the patch and in front of our farm store through the last weekend in October. 

Done for the 2022 Season:

Organic Strawberries: Their season is roughly 3-4 weeks beginning in early June. 

Eco-Certified Cherries: Cherry season is short and sweet and usually ripen around the last weekend of June with peak picking around 4th of July weekend.

Organic Currants: We grow red, white and black currants with our red variety being amongst the first to ripen. Currant season begins mid-June (around June 18th) and they last until mid-late July. Currants are typically available on weekdays and weekends as crop availability allows. Currants are not cherries. Learn more about what currants are and how to use them here

Eco-certified Donut Peaches: White and Mango donut peaches are usually open for picking during the first weekend of August while lime donut peaches typically open the second weekend in August.

Organic Blueberries: Blueberries ripen around 4th of July weekend. Blueberry season lasts through July and early/mid-August. Blueberries are typically available on weekdays and weekends as crop availability allows.


  • A mask or cloth covering your mouth and nose must be worn when visiting our farm store. Those who are fully vaccinated may remove their mask outside including at the outdoor Treasury Cider Bar.
  • If you are sick or not feeling well, stay home.
  • Fruit picked cannot be consumed in the field, and should be washed/eaten at home
  • Do not pick more than your reservation allows unless we have add-ons available for purchase
  • Practice social distancing of at least 6 ft from visitors outside your reservation group
  • You must pay for what you pick before eating it. Plan accordingly and pick only what you intend to purchase.
  • Only pick crops designated for Pick Your Own– picking unripe or unlisted crops will result in an additional fee
  • Picking containers will be provided—you are not allowed to bring your own container(s)
  • No large bags or coolers may be brought on the premises. ALL bags and containers brought into Pick-Your-Own areas may be searched by staff upon exiting. Unfortunately, produce theft is a major issue.
  • Do not climb trees or shake branches
  • Do not drop, throw or waste fruit – we work hard to grow it
  • In order to reduce farm congestion and address health and food safety concerns, no pets of any kind (with the exception of service animals protected by ADA) will be allowed anywhere on Fishkill Farms’ property.



Apple Ripening Chart

The Pick-Your-Own season kicks off in early June with strawberries and ever-so-sweet sugar snap peas. July brings sweet and sour cherries as well as our certified organic raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Late July and August mark the harvest of juicy, tree-ripened peaches and nectarines as well as an extensive variety of heirloom tomatoes and eggplants.

The season culminates in the fall with more than a dozen classic NY apples, heirloom varieties, and pumpkin-picking. The spectacular views, lovely fall weather, and the satisfaction of picking your own organic, sustainably grown fruits and vegetables combine for great family-friendly fun.  Check this Apple Ripening Chart to help plan your visit! Still don’t see the apple you’re looking for? We grow over 100 varieties, so give us a call or shoot us an email to see if we have it.

Mid-September through mid-October, we have our annual Harvest Festival Weekends, with plenty of homemade food, live music, hayrides, donuts and cider! (Subject to change due to COVID-19).

We’re a real, working farm and not a theme park; so we have farm animals (3 sheep) but no petting zoo. Our passion is growing real food and sharing the joys of farming with our community.

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