Holiday Pre-Orders


Fishkill Farms’ Homemade pies are made with fresh ingredients, from our own fruit where applicable, and with a real butter crust!

You have the option of purchasing your pie freshly baked, or frozen so that you may bake it the day of your celebration (we will provide you with instructions). Our pies are made with real, fresh ingredients and are free from preservatives.  If you choose to purchase your pie baked an are not enjoying it the day you pick it up, we highly recommend placing your pie in the refrigerator.

The deadline to place your order is Tuesday, December 18th. Pies may not be canceled/refunded after Tuesday, December 18th.

What is a Bumbleberry Pie?

Bumbleberry pie contains strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Nut Warning:
Customers should be aware that all pies are prepared in a kitchen handling nuts. We do our best to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, though it is always a possibility. Cherry Pies contain almond extract.

Frozen Pie Baking Instructions


We source our Turkeys locally from Pick of The Pasture Farm located in Greenwich New York. Much like our chickens, these turkeys were pasture raised and live in mobile coops which are moved around so they can enjoy pecking and foraging at new pieces of land. The pasture mix consists of clover, alfalfa, timothy and orchard grass, which provides an excellent diet high in protein for helping them grow. They were processed less than a month ago and are frozen.

Turkey Payment
The price you are charged through this website is a deposit for your Turkey. The full price of your Turkey will be charged the day of pickup and a refund for your deposit will be refunded. Turkeys are $5.50/pound. CSA Members will receive their discounts and Farm Members will receive their points upon final purchase of the turkey



Pre-orders have come to a close, however, we will have additional pies and Turkeys available in our store through Sunday, December 23rd.